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Home of Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro, one of the most famous Brazilian writers — his novel Viva o Povo Brasileiro is set on Itaparica. Surrounded by coral reefs and 68 km of beaches, covered by exuberant tropical vegetation, Itaparica is a dream island naturally dedicated to vacationing and farniente.

From Salvador:

The island can be reached by ferry (cars and pedestrians) from the maritime terminal of Sao Joaquim. The journey takes about 50 minutes. Arrival at Bom Despacho Terminal.

Pedestrians can also take the Lancha which leaves every half-hour from Bahia's Nautical Center, behind the Mercado Modelo, and arrives 40 minutes later at Mare Grande. 

From Bom Despacho and Mare Grande, kombis, minivans and taxis will take you all around the island. The pousada is located 25 km from both terminals.

On request, we can arrange your transfer from Salvador airport or from any place in the city. Please contact us for further information and rates.

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